Tarema Christian Fund for Taksony

Serving the Reformed Church community of Taksony


The primary aim of our Fund is to enrich the religious and biblical knowledge of the reformed population in Taksony and its neighbouring area, and to insure the facilities for preaching and congregational activities, which greatly contributes to the enrichment mentioned previously. Furthermore, our objective is to foster christian education for families and religious education of morals among children and young people. This is only possible by organising various activities, religious education and Bible study lessons, and camps for children and teenagers – these are also explicit plans of our fund.

It is also our mission to help and support the people in social need in our area, families with children and infants in particular.

We would like to support communication and exchange of experience between our parish and its partner congregations, which is a greatly important part of congregational life.

Due to the growth of the congregation, a demand has arisen for obtaining own estates that are suitable for organising the activities mentioned above. This long-term aim is to build a new and bigger church (with a congregational house and a flat for the pastor) equipped with the furniture, furnishing and accessories needed.

Organizational Document (Hungarian)

Legal Approval of Operation (Hungarian)

Financial report (Sep 30, 2015, Hungarian)

If you agree with our aims and want moral and ethical education to become more important in family-life, we kindly ask you to support our Fund and promote it among other people as well.

Being a non-profit Christian fund the financial help of our donors is greatly appreciated and crucial for our success. God bless you for your support.

If you reside outside of Hungary and wish to donate please wire your donation using the following bank account details:
Bank account number (IBAN): HU50-10403105-50526656-68531011
Recipient's name: TAREMA Taksonyi Reménység Alapítvány
Recipient's address: 2335 Taksony, Vezér u. 28. HUNGARY
Bank name: K&H Bank Zrt.
Bank address: H-1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9. HUNGARY


Email: taremaalapitvany@gmail.com

Tel: +36 20 3840822

Address: 2335 Taksony, Vezér utca 28. HUNGARY